Diego Valley Emerge Junior High

Blended Learning Program – Grades 7-8

Diego Valley’s Emerge Junior High program, in partnership with Summit Public Schools, provides a personalized learning model for 7th and 8th grade students. At Emerge, students engage in individualized learning activities to increase their knowledge and competency in subject areas through project-based learning, small group and independent learning, and student mentoring. Our focus is to encourage self-directed learning and prepare students to become college and career ready.

We ensure that every student is truly prepared for college, career, and life. We do this by focusing on the four elements that are the foundation of college and career readiness.

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At Emerge, we understand that every student is different. Each student has an individual learning style, background, and personality that lends his or her own story of success. We do not subscribe to the idea of ‘one size fits all.’


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