About Us

Walk into Diego Valley Charter School, and you will feel the difference.  No bells, no class clowns, and no drama.  At Diego Valley Charter School, we focus on providing a SAFE educational environment, so that you can focus on your goal of obtaining a high school diploma.  Our students love the quiet, one-on-one attention they receive from their teacher mentors.

At Diego Valley Charter School we believe that part of our unique mission is to personalize the learning process to meet the ability, pace and interest of the student. In order to achieve this goal, we conduct a computer-based diagnostic assessment to determine the math and reading ability of all newly registered students. These assessment scores play a very important part in assisting the Supervising Teacher in enrolling the student in classes appropriate to his/her skill level. The academic progress of each student is measured using the same assessment process at least twice a year so we can adjust the learning plan as needed.

At Diego Valley Charter School we understand that math and reading skills are the basic components and building blocks of academic success. To help the student broaden math proficiency, we offer Math Foundations, Math Thinking, Business Math, Algebra Essential Skills, Algebra and Geometry classes.

To help improve reading scores, we use The Lexile Framework, a scientific approach to measuring reading ability to help gauge our students’ skill levels, further personalize their instruction and track their improvement over time. We are currently using Read 180, System 44 and English intensive courses to help improve our students’ Lexile scores.

At Diego Valley Charter School we strive to help students master basic skills, move toward mastery of technology, develop interest in life-long learning and become responsible contributing members of society.


Vision: All students will graduate with the resilience, confidence, and 21st century skills needed to thrive in their careers, be engaged with their communities, and lead meaningful lives.

Mission: Meeting the needs of a unique and changing student population through social-emotional curriculum, career and technical training, and skills to become contributing members of a community, while providing a safe space that allows all to learn and to thrive.

Core Values:
Passion for lifelong learning