High School Diploma in San Diego County!

Walk into one of Diego Valley’s locations in San Diego County and you will feel the difference. Our centers are warm, friendly, secure, and foster a new kind of learning.

In addition to our revolutionary Independent Learning program, Diego Valley now offers online classesCareer & Job Training, Free tutoring and more – at NO cost to the student!  Diego Valley Charter School is a WASC accredited California public charter and provides highly qualified teachers, student mentors, and expert tutors who deliver a personalized learning model of instruction. We also offer home study for grades K through 8. Give us a call to find out more.

Diego Valley Charter School is enrolling year-round! Diego Valley proudly serves as the educational provider for nonprofit organizations who provide a “wraparound service model; including college readiness, employability skills, and paid internships. Enrollment is open to students aged 14-24 depending on partner program eligibility. Our independent study personalized learning high school diploma program is 100% FREE to you.

We offer job training through our Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act partnerships that allows our students to earn credit while investigating a potential new career.

If you are interested in our independent study high school diploma program and would like more information, you can call us toll free at 1(619) 268-6799 or check the locations link to find us!